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本文摘要:When the iPhone 6 arrived in China 11 days ago, Apple Pay was disabled. Caixin, the country’s top business magazine, which reported a month ago that Apple Inc AAPL 1.55% had reached an agreement with UnionPay, the state-owned payment proce


When the iPhone 6 arrived in China 11 days ago, Apple Pay was disabled. Caixin, the country’s top business magazine, which reported a month ago that Apple Inc AAPL 1.55% had reached an agreement with UnionPay, the state-owned payment processing system, to activate Apple Pay in the country, now says Apple Pay isn’t expected until March.11天前,iPhone 6在中国上市,但苹果缴纳(Apple Pay)功能却没能落成。中国顶尖商业媒体财新(Caixin)曾在上月报导称之为,苹果公司与中国国有的缴纳处置系统银联(UnionPay)达成协议了协议,将在中国境内转录Apple Pay功能。但该媒体如今回应,Apple Pay预计到明年3月才能开始在中国用于。Even if it arrives by the spring, Apple Pay has a tough road ahead in China. Why?即便明年春天Apple Pay以求登岸中国,难道也将举步维艰。

为什么呢?1. China’s use of credit and debit cards is far below that of Western countries. For now the country remains a cash-based society, something that Apple can’t quickly change. Here’s a list of cash-only sellers in Beijing: taxis, McDonalds, small markets and shops, lunch stalls and cafeterias, many restaurants, even tourist ticket stalls. Electronic swipes just aren’t as popular yet.1、中国信用卡和借记卡的用于范围近大于西方国家。今天的中国依然以现金交易居多,苹果很难很快转变这种情况。在北京,只拒绝接受现金缴付的还包括:出租车、麦当劳(McDonalds)、小型集市和商店、快餐摊点、食堂、许多餐厅、甚至旅游景点的售票亭。电子刷卡消费在中国尚能不普及。

2. Electronics transfers are, though, and that’s why Tim Cook was reciprocating some love for Alibaba’s BABA 1.93% Jack Ma yesterday. Ma owns Alipay, a separate company from Alibaba that handles almost all the transactions on Alibaba’s marketplaces. Alipay’s QR code technology lets consumers pay at stores with the setup. Because of Alipay’s ubiquity—almost everyone in China’s big cities uses it—Apple Pay might have to share profits with Alibaba in order to get a foothold in China. Hence, again, Cook and Ma’s marriage talk.2、攻占中国电子支付市场并不更容易。这也是为何蒂姆o库克对阿里巴巴(Alibaba)董事长马云张开的橄榄枝反应大力。马云旗下的支付宝(Alipay)是独立国家于阿里巴巴的另一家公司,负责管理处置阿里巴巴平台上的完全所有交易。利用二维码技术,顾客利用支付宝应用于就能在门店内已完成缴纳。

由于支付宝用于很普遍——中国大城市里完全人人都用它——为了在中国站稳脚跟,Apple Pay有可能必需得与阿里巴巴共享利润。因此,库克和马云再行一次商谈了合作问题。

3. The precedent isn’t on Apple’s side here. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express fought China for years to follow World Trade Organization rules and open its card system to foreign companies. Nothing happened. China has already discriminated against foreign processing companies, so why would it treat Apple much different?3、从先前的案例来看,苹果正处于劣势。Visa卡、万事达卡(Mastercard)和美国运通(American Express)努力奋斗多年,想要让中国按照世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)的规定对外国公司对外开放银行卡系统,但中国不为所动。

中国政府早已拒绝接受了好几家国外的缴纳处置公司,凭什么对苹果另眼相看呢?4. China is still concerned about cyber security. Apple has come under fire from state media in the country over user security. Analysts believe China would rather use homegrown technologies in many areas of tech for security reasons, and payments is one. With Alipay’s success, Apple faces a strong competitor, or a possible dominant partner.4、中国仍在担忧网络安全。苹果前不久才因为用户安全性问题遭美国媒体的批评。分析家们指出,中国政府出于安全性考虑到,更加不愿在许多领域上用于本土技术,缴纳领域就是其中之一。支付宝大获得顺利,因此苹果面对着一个强劲的竞争对手,或是一个正处于主导地位的合作伙伴。

5. UnionPay, the card processing monopoly in China, holds the keys for Apple Pay and will almost surely play tough. While Apple isn’t trying to compete directly with Unionpay, the monopoly controls transactions in China and likely won’t give Apple the same slice of revenues the company may receive elsewhere where Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover compete against each other.5、中国银联独占了银行卡领域,其握Apple Pay转入中国的钥匙,而且完全认同不会明确提出严苛条件。由于苹果不打算与银联进行必要竞争,因此掌控了中国国内交易的银联给苹果让给的收益,可能会高于苹果在其他地区由于万事达卡、Visa卡、美国运通和Discover多家竞争取得的收益。




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